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Melvin and Muffin's (Really Muffin's) Top 5 Favorite Science Topics!

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Do you ever wonder what Melvin and Muffin do while Emma and Todd are at school most of the day? The pets cannot go to school with them, but like to learn at home on their own.

Though they are not really supposed to use Mr. Taylor's computer or even go into his home office, Muffin knows how to log in, search the internet, and print out information - including science experiments and coloring sheets. She is not the best at coloring...because it is challenging to hold a crayon with her paw...but she tries!

Melvin and Muffin look at other subjects as well. They really like social studies and art as much as science. If you ask Muffin about her favorite science topics, the list might change from year to year. Currently, these are her Top 5 Favorites!

#1 Mammals

Melvin and Muffin are both mammals. They like understanding more about other animals, especially mammals. Birds are a close you know why?

#2 Weather and Climate

Muffin likes to plan her day, week, and month ahead of time. Are you a planner like her? The more she knows about upcoming weather, the easier it is for her to decide what she would like to do either indoors or outdoors.

Melvin is usually scared of thunder and lightning. So, it helps Muffin and the Taylor family to know when a thunderstorm is in the forecast so they can be prepared to comfort the little white dog.

#3 Physics

Melvin and Muffin are both fascinated by things that move, do not move, and move in different directions! Physics helps explain things about motion. This cat and dog want all of the information they can get so they can better chase and catch certain things that move outside and inside the house!

#4 Plants

The pets like how some plants look and smell. Also, Muffin enjoys hiding behind some plants and biting on others. But, she has to be careful. She has learned that some plants can harm her...and even Melvin. So, this smart cat knows she should study and understand plants better.

#5 Chemistry

If you had asked Melvin and Muffin a year ago about their favorite science areas, or topics, Melvin would have just barked. Muffin had a list, but chemistry would not have been on it. So, why is it on her Top 5 Favorite list now? Well, that is because Muffin has become interested in baking! When Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are not around, Melvin and Muffin hang out in the kitchen a lot with Emma and her brother Todd. Melvin likes to eat whatever Emma bakes! Muffin also like to eat yummy baked goods, but she also likes to help Emma bake and change recipes. Muffin is learning that there is a lot of chemistry involved with making pies, cookies, bread, and her favorite------cupcakes!!

By derivative work: Dhatfield (talk)MM_PEF.svg: Edboas (MM_PEF.svg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Malik"JJ"Degri - cupcake clipart, CC BY 2.0,

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