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A Day in the Life of Melvin: It's a Dog's World!

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

What is a typical day like for Melvin? Read more to find out...

Muffin and Melvin ©2018 Dr. Kathleen J. Tate

Melvin is not the smartest pet, but he tries to do his best and loves the Taylor family - especially his furry friend Muffin the cat.

7:00 am

The household is busy as Mr. and Mrs. Taylor get ready for work and Emma and her brother Todd get ready for school. Yummy smells from the kitchen are all over the house, even upstairs, as breakfast is being cooked...

Melvin's Log

7:05 am

Is it time for breakfast? Is it time to eat yet? I don't know. I am not sure. Emma and Muffin are heading downstairs...I will follow Muffin! She always knows what's going on. Ruff! Ruff...ruff...ruff! (pant, pant, pant)

7:15 am

Where's my stuffed turtle? Where's my bone? I love Muffin! (lick, lick, lick). (scratch, scratch, scratch) I'm hungry!

Muffin and Melvin head downstairs behind Emma...time for breakfast!

7:20 am

Look at my food bowl! It is full! How fast can I eat this? Yum yum yum! (munch munch munch) Yum yum yum! Why is Muffin pushing me with her paw?

8:00 am

Where is everyone? Muffin is in my doggie bed. Yay! I will go nap with her and lick her to show her how much I love her.

2:00 pm

Where's my stuffed turtle? Where's my bone? Where is everyone? Why is Muffin still sleeping? Oh! There's my stuffed teddy bear! Ruff...ruff, ruff!

3:00 pm

Where's Emma? Where's Todd? Are they home yet from school? I can't wait...can't wait...can't wait!

Why does my tail follow me everywhere? Ruff!

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