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Check here for ideas, links, and other resources to help with teaching children. This area is for teachers, families, and home educators. Check back often for new resources!


Science Resources

Resources that help with planning for and teaching children about science


Science (general)


PBS Science

Brain Pop Science

National Geographic Kids - Science

Kids Science News Articles

Science Journal for Kids

Science News for Students

Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology - Hands-on Science Activities for your Polar Festival

NSTA Books & Resources - Freebies for Science Teachers


Life Science


National Geographic Kids - Animals

National Wildlife Foundation

Smithsonian Science Education Center - Life Science Resources

Kidzone polar bears

Polar bear resources for educators

Polar Bears International

NOAA Fisheries - An Incredible Journey: A Series of Educational Activities to Promote Salmon Stewardship (downloadable book, board game, curriculum, etc.)

Thank you, Dr. Kimberlee Ratliff, for recommending the resource!

new Wildlife in Dubai

Thank you, Evelyn, for recommending the resource!



Tate, K. J. (November, 2007). Tiny, powerful, awesome ants! Science and Children, 45,3, 30-34.


Earth and Space


NASA for Educators

Kids Geo - Geology for Kids

NASA Climate Kids

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Volcano Education Resources

Elementary GLOBE

WeatherSTEM WV Lesson Units and Resources 

Moongiant moon phases

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Classroom Activity - Art and the Cosmic Connection

Electricity and Energy


Energy Kids

Oakridge Institute for Science and Education (U.S. Department of Energy)

Science Kids - Electricity for Kids


Ducksters World Biomes and Ecosystems

Physical Science


Rader's Physics4Kids!

PBS Learning Media - Physical Science


Blad, E. (2020, April 24). Massachusetts gets green light to pilot innovative science assessment. Education Week.

Lambert, D. (2019, July 23). Plan to expose all students to physics missing one element - teachers. EdSource.[issue:22042]&utm_term=Education%20Dive:%20K12

new Women in STEM

Women in STEM Resources

Thank you, Alexandra, for recommending the resource!


Math Resources

Resources that help with planning for and teaching children about mathematics.


Math Snacks

Math for Kids

Math Playground


Cromwell, R. (2018, August 23). Should we encourage kids to do extra 'math?' Retrieved from

Reading Resources

Resources that help with planning for and teaching children about language arts/reading



Reading Rockets


Writing Activities for Children

PBS Kids Reading Games


I had an undergraduate student in a course I taught a couple of years ago. Her story was so great, I encouraged and helped her publish it. Read about how Mrs. Avalon Toth promotes reading among children in her community! Her book bench approach can be replicated anywhere.


Toth, A. (2017, January 13). Take a book, leave a book: The building of a book bench.

Social Studies Resources

Resources that help with planning for and teaching children about social studies



National Archives - America's Historical Documents

The History Place

Geography for Kids


Hubbard, J., Caldwell, A., Moses, P., Reed, B., Watts, K. & Wood, B. (2016). My Country 'Tis of Thee': How one song reveals the history of civil rights. Social Studies Research and Practice, 11(3), 135-152.


Tate, K. J. (2007). Notable Trade Book lesson plan: Recess at 20 below Social Studies Research and Practice, 2(3), 479-485.,%202007/Notable%20Books/2.3.14.pdf

Humane Education

Resources about humane education.


Institute for Humane Education

Humane Education Coalition

Why Humane Education Matters


Tate, K. J. (2011). Integrating humane education into teacher education: Meeting our social and civic responsibilities. Teacher Education and Practice, 24(3), 301-315.

Tate, K. J. (2012). What is humane education: Who, what, and why?

Tate, K. J. (2012). Humane education: What's your mission?

Tate, K. J. (2013). Humane education and the Clinton global initiative: Directions for K-12 schooling and higher education.


Resources that help with addressing the T in STEM/STEAM


Scratch (MIT coding website for ages 8-16)


Dodge, D. (2019). Coding for kids: The ultimate guide for parents in 2020

Classroom Management


Hansen, B. (Host). (2021, December 22). (Featuring Dr. Kathleen Tate and Greg Mandalas). Classroom management for K-12 and adult learners, online and in-person [Audio podcast episode]. American Public University Edge.

new Classroom Management Resources

Thank you to Faye Reynolds for recommending the resource!

Melvin and Muffin Printouts!

Print out one of the Muffin and Melvin Venn diagrams to make learning more fun, thematic, and engaging! There are two choices - a color diagram and a non-color diagram. Venn diagrams allow for listing unique aspects along with shared/similar aspects in the middle where the circles overlap. This kind of prewriting activity prompts deeper reflection and knowledge recall about texts and prepares learners for drafting and writing.


Use the diagrams to teach children to compare/contrast aspects from the book Melvin and Muffin: Physics on the Playground (Exploring Newton's 3rd Law).


1. Compare/contrast Melvin and Muffin character traits

2. Compare/contrast story settings

3. Compare/contrast Newton's laws

4. Compare/contrast parts of speech (e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives) related to Melvin and Muffin

5. Compare/contrast scientific accuracy versus imaginative qualities (e.g. personification) in the story

6. Compare/contrast the problems/solutions in the story. There are several problems and solutions/results in the book. Remind children that solutions in stories are not necessarily positive in nature.

Use the Melvin and Muffin puppet faces to make a variety of puppets, brainstorm/prewrite, staple together several copies for book reports, create flash cards with reading or science vocabulary words, and more! The puppet face printouts can be found at the For Kids menu tab. 

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