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STEAM (STEM + the Arts)Resources

Check back often for updates. Links to articles, books, blogs, activities, and other resources are posted here for educators and parents. 

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STEAM/STEM Resources

National Education Association (NEA) - STEM Lessons in the Kitchen

Overview of STEAM and resources - Kids Steam Lab at

Edutopia STEAM resources at

NASA/JPL STEM Activities for families and educators at

NASA NGSS STEM lesson plans at  

Engineering information for educators and students at

Concordia University Portland STEAM Teaching Resources -

Nathan Bott's STEM - Elementary - How Science Brings Music to Life at

Title Pro's Tinkering Guide at

Thank you to Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325 for recommending the website! - The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at - Lego STEM Activities for a Preschooler

Kid's Online Learning Tools for Science, Technology, and Beyond!

Thank you to Girl Scout Hannah for recommending the website!

Software Programming and Coding Glossary  for Kids

Thank you to Girl Scout Hannah for recommending the website!

Learn to Code from Home

Thank you to Megan for recommending the website!

Science Crossword Puzzles and Games

Thank you to Mitch for recommending the website!

Constructing and Building: Projects and Activities for Kids

Thank you Maddie for recommending the website!

Advantages of Hands-On (Experiential) STEM Learning

Thank you to Stacy J. for recommending the website!

Exploring STEM Education: A Resource Guide

Thank you to Stella, Nessa, and Kason for recommending the website!

Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series: In Collaboration with NASA and the Artemis I Mission

Coding Programs for Kids: Free and Cheap Websites that Teach Kids Programming

new Kids' Coding Activities Guide

Thank you to Haley D. S. for recommending the website!




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Tate, K., Messina , D., Warnecke, B., Doyle, C., DePriter, T., & Brillhart, D. (2018). Marvelous metals matter! (A STEAM     

lesson for fifth graders incorporates the Engineering Design Process). Science and Children, 55(5), 27-34.


Tate, K. J. (2014). Arts-based teaching in elementary schools. [Blog article]. ED News Daily. *

*The link was later changed to

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                  Did you know?

November 8 is National STEM/STEAM DAY

     How will you celebrate?

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