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Melvin & Muffin Books

Book 1

Melvin & Muffin: Physics on the Playground (Exploring Newton's 3rd Law) 


This is the first in a series of STEM/STEAM (STEM + the arts) picture books for children.


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Book Review


This is a delightful story of two pets that help Emma, their human, understand Newton's Third Law of Motion. This is one of the best written books I have read that explains action and reaction. It promotes science inquiry, science literacy and science curiosity. It is factual, standards-based, and grade appropriate. While it is written for 3rd graders, it can be used to introduce, engage and review the laws of motion across elementary grade levels. I loved meeting Muffin and Melvin and can't wait to see their future adventures as they help their human in understanding real-life applications of science.

~Dr. L. Octavia Tripp,

Former Middle Grade Science Teacher Grades 4-8

Former NASA Urban and Rural Community Enrichment Program (URCEP) Program Coordinator,

NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC and

Currently an Associate Professor of Elementary Science Education at Auburn University

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Book 2

Look for Melvin and Muffin's second book about weather, climate, art, and humane education topics in 2020! The story, written in English, will feature key words in four languages: Russian, French, Spanish, and English.

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