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Melvin and Muffin Have Arrived!

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Want to learn about science concepts in a fun, new way? If your answer is yes, then Melvin and Muffin are for you!

Melvin and Muffin ©2018 Dr. Kathleen J. Tate

Meet Melvin and Muffin!

Melvin and Muffin are two lovable pets. Melvin is a white, fluffy dog. He may not be the smartest, but he is loyal. Muffin appears to be a typical cat. She is brownish in color and a little moody and independent. But, there is much more to Muffin! She is smart and a great problem solver! She likes to help her family member, Emma, who is a 3rd grader at Spring Hill Elementary School. One day, Emma wants to be either a scientist or an engineer. She has some time to figure that out since she is so young.


Book 1

32 pages ISBN-10: 1722244399

This book is the first in a series that focuses on science and engineering concepts for children. It will be available in July of 2018. More details will be posted soon!

The book was previewed and received this endorsement! Thank you, Dr. Tripp!

This is a delightful story of two pets that help Emma, their human, understand Newton’s Third Law of Motion. This is one of the best written books I have read that explains action and reaction. It promotes science inquiry, science literacy and science curiosity. It is factual, standards-based, and grade appropriate. While it is written for 3rd graders, it can be used to introduce, engage and review the laws of motion across elementary grade levels. I loved meeting Muffin and Melvin and can’t wait to see their future adventures as they help their human in understanding real-life applications of science.

~Dr. L. Octavia Tripp,

Former Middle Grade Science Teacher Grades 4-8

Former NASA Urban and Rural Community Enrichment Program (URCEP) Program Coordinator, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

and currently an Associate Professor of Elementary Science Education at Auburn University


Future Books

In upcoming books, Melvin and Muffin will continue to help Emma learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM = STEM + the Arts). Of course, language arts and social studies will be covered here and there as well.



Check out resources for STEAM concepts, lesson plans, and more at this site. Melvin and Muffin have a page of links and ideas for kids, families, and educators. There are lesson plan ideas, printables for teachers, and printables for kids of all ages!



Melvin and Muffin are always up to something....

Melvin and Muffin like to play, eat, sleep, and learn. Though Muffin seems to do most of the learning, Melvin likes to be around to do research on the internet, conduct experiments, and hear about new things from Muffin and Emma. Do you have any ideas for their next adventures? What would you do if Melvin and Muffin were your pets?!

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