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A Day in the Life of Muffin: It's a Cat's World!

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Want to know more about Muffin and a day in her life? Read on...

Melvin and Muffin ©2018 Dr. Kathleen J. Tate

Muffin is often annoyed by Melvin...but, she loves him. (Just do not expect her to show it too often!)

7:00 am

The household is busy as Mr. and Mrs. Taylor get ready for work and Emma and her brother Todd get ready for school. Yummy smells from the kitchen are all over the house, even upstairs, as breakfast is being cooked...

Muffin's Log

7:05 am

Meow! Mmmmmmmm! I smell eggs! Hope I get some! Meoooooow! I know I am not supposed to be in the kitchen...but, I think I might hide under the table again when Emma eats breakfast. Maybe she will give me some toast or eggs...or maybe some crumbs will fall to the floor! Yum! Meow!

7:15 am

Ugh! Melvin is trying to lick me. Why does he do that? Meow! I do not like his doggie breath. I just took a bath. I do not want Melvin-smell all over me. Yuck!

Muffin and Melvin head downstairs behind Emma...time for breakfast!

Yippeee! Meow! I do not see eggs or toast, but I do see cat food in my bowl. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Why is Melvin's food bowl next to mine? Why is he such a messy eater? Dogs! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

7:20 am

That was delicious! But, I am still hungry. Meow! Time to hide under the table. Sigh. Melvin is following usual! Does he have to follow me everywhere? Meow!

Yes! Toast crumbs! Yummmmmmy! I got them before Melvin saw them. Hee hee!. Meow!

8:00 am

All of the people are gone. Time for a nap!

2:00 pm

What?! What was that?! Oh. It's that annoying dog Melvin...playing with his smelly, fuzzy teddy bear toy again. Sigh! Doesn't he know I am TRYING to get some rest?

3:00 pm

Ahhhhhhh...I love this time of day. Emma and Todd will be home from school any minute now. I like sitting up here on the sofa looking out the window while that silly Melvin runs in circles and jumps all over the place. Cats are so much more dignified than dogs! Meow!

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