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About Us

Welcome to the Melvin and Muffin Website!

(created and maintained by Dr. Tate)

Check out the free resources for STEM/STEAM concepts, lesson plans, and more at this site. There are resources for educators and families across science and other content areas; fun in-the-day-of  blog logs to read about Melvin and Muffin's typical days (great reading practice for children); and an area just for kids. The blogs/blog logs provide additional fun readings beyond the book. The website is regularly updated; so, make sure to check back often. There are lesson plan ideas, printouts for teachers, and printouts for kids of all ages! Enjoy!

Who are Melvin and Muffin?

Melvin (the dog) and Muffin (the cat) are two lovable pets. They like to help Emma, a 3rd grader at Spring Hill Elementary School, learn about science and other subjects.  One day, Emma wants to be either a scientist or an engineer. You can read all about it in the first Melvin and Muffin book.


Book 1

Melvin & Muffin: Physics on the Playground (Exploring Newton’s 3rd Law) is the first of a series of STEM/STEAM (STEAM = STEM + the Arts) books. It is written by Dr. Kathleen J. Tate and illustrated by Josh Vierela.  Newton’s first and second laws are reviewed in the story as Melvin and Muffin help Emma with her school project about Newton’s third law.  See the book trailer below!


(There is sound...and you can make the video full-screen.)


Book 2

Look for Melvin and Muffin's second book about weather, climate, art, and humane education topics in the near future!

Book Series

In upcoming books, Melvin and Muffin will continue to help Emma learn more about science/STEM/STEAM in fun ways. Of course, language arts and social studies will be covered here and there as well.



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